The Biological Approach (2)

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The Biological Approach to Smoking

Initiation- The role of genetics. Family and twin studies estimate the heritability of tobacco moking to be between 39% and 80%.

Vink et al (2005) studied 1572 Dutch twin pairs. They found that for both males and females individual differences  in smoking initiation were explained by genetic (44%) and environmental (56%) influences.

Boardman et al (2008) did a study in the US of 348 identical twin pairs and 321 same-sex fraternal twins estimate the heritability for regular smoking to be 42%.

Maintenance- The effects of nicotine.

Vink et al also reported that nicotine dependence was influenced primarily by genetic (75%) factors. This suggests that although the initiation of smoking might be influenced more by environmental factors, regular tobacco use is…


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