The Biological Approach

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The Biological Approach

Biology : the study of life

Biological approach is relevant to psychology in three ways

(1) Physiology :  Investigation of the brain, nervous system, and Hormones.

(2) Investigation of heritability : Understanding the role of Genes on behaviour.

(3) Comparative Method : Different species of animals are studies and compared to humans. this allows us to learn about Human behavour. 

Basic Asummption of the Biological Approach

  • Behaviour and thought processes have an innate biological basis
  • The mind and the brain are the same
  • Humans genes have evolved to adapt behaviour to the enviroment
  • Human Charateristic are due to our Gentic make up

Influence of genes

The nucles contains 46 chromosomes

Chromosomes are made up DNA which carry unit of information called genes .

Research on the genetic influence of behaviour is usually conducted on animals such as rats and mice because they have a short gestation period. ( time in which a fetus develops)

Psychologist are able to manipulate


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