The Bible as a basis for making moral decisions

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  • Key words-
  • Bible- The holy book of Christians
  • Decalogue- The ten commadments

Moral decisions are deciding what is the right thing to

Many Christinas consult only the Bible when making moral decision because:

  • They believe the Bible is the word of God dictated by God to its writers, meaning the Bible is Gods guidance to humans and has authority for decision making.
  • The Bible contains God's teachings on behaviour, which tell Christians how to behave. This is seen in the Decalogue(10 commandments) which gives clear moral guidance
  • The Bible contains the teachings of Jesus, as Christians believe he is the son of God they should follow his teachings on decision making.
  • The Bible records events in the life of Jesus, so many Christians ask themselves how Jesus would deal with a situation (what would Jesus do?)
  • The Bible contains letters from the leading disciples of Jesus(St Peter, St John and St James) and the Apostle St Paul. They wrote these letters to the early Christian churches about how Christians should behave, this guidance can be used in decision making.
  • They believe only the Bible is definitley authenticated by God and…


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