the Behaviourist Approach

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Key feature

All behaviour is learned through association and direct experience and can be understood in terms of stimulus-response links.

Key feature

Behaviour depends on consequences. If a behaviour has a pleasant consequence it is more likely to be repeated (positive reinforcement) and if it has an unpleasant consequence it is more likely to be avoided (negative reinforcement).

Key feature

Psychologists should only study observable behaviour, mental processes like memory are not appropriate to study.

Key feature

Classical conditioning is learning through association between a neutral stimulus and an unconditioned, reflex response. Operant conditioning is learning due to the consequences of voluntary behaviour, through positive and negative reinforcement and punishment.

Research study

Little Albert is the study to support the behaviourist approach.

·       The aim was to investigate whether an emotional response could be conditioned in a child.

·       The method was where an 11 month old


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