The balance of genetic and enviromental influences on human behaviour

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1.) Importance of genes

  • Blueprint- Dictating aspects of personality from birth
  • Maturation- Development of personality as person grows.

2.) Importance of environment:

  • Blank slate (tabula rasa)- You learn everything after birth from environment
  • Shaped by your environment- How you behaviour, you personality, all stems from your upbringing/environment
  • Modifying behaviour- It's possible to change behaviour and shape it a certain why due to conditioning.

3.) Genotype/Phenotypes:

  • Genotype- Indiviual's genetic consitution, encoded genes from parents. Your geneotypes is your biologica, genetic which determines what you might become.
  • Phenotype- External charateristics (Hair/Eye colour) which is a result of the environment.

4.) Nature indirectly effects nurture:

  • Passive heredrity environment interaction- A child's parents shape the environment which are person grows up in, indirectly…


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