The 5 Pillars: Zakat

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ZAKAT = compulsory giving of a set proportion of one’s wealth to charity, 2.5% of one’s wealth per year

SADAQAH = to give money voluntarily to charity


  • helping the poor

  • obeying God

  • A person acknowledging that everything comes from God as a loan, people do not really own anything themselves

  • We do not take anything with us when we die, therefore we do not need it

  • We are poor or rich by choice of God, therefore we should help those who are poor

  • learn self-discipline

  • freeing oneself from the love of possessions or money or the love of oneself

  • Honesty

‘Oh you who believe! Give in charity of the good things you earn and of what we (God) have brought forth for you out of the


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