The years of struggle

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The Nazis tried to take power in Munich by force, but their Putsch failed. Hitler realised that they had to win power through elections. He reorganised the party to achieve this goal.

Why did the the Nazis try to take power in Munich in 1923?

  • The unpopularity of the Weimar government among ordinary Germans increased in September 1923 when strikes in the Ruhr were called off and reparations to the French began.
  • Former Army leader General Ludendorff was close to Hitler, so the Nazis thought he could persuade the German army to support them.
  • The Nazis thought they were ready and Hitler was established as a leader. They had about 55,000 suporters and the SA- most Nazi suport was in munich.
  • The government of Bavaria was right-wing and didn't like the Weimar government- the Nazis thought the government would support them

Consequences of


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