The work of the Duma's

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The new constitution

October Manifesto promised reform, provided no exact detail of how this would actually happen.

The new structure established in Feb 1906 went like this:

The council of Ministers

Role: Initiated and approved all legislation

Method of Selection: Appointed by the Tsar. Led by a prime minister. Answered only to the Tsar.

The state council

Role: Debated laws and had to approve them

Method of Selction: Half elected by the Zemstva, half appointed by the Tsar.

The state Duma

Role: It debated laws and had to approve them

Method of Selection: Had over 500 delegates elected every year by men over 25. 

Political Groups

Politcal parties were legalised in March 1906 for the elections but the Bolsheviks, the Socialist Revolutionaries and the radical Nationalists refused to participate. 

Octoberists: Wanted Liberal reform…


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