The War with Japan and the Causes of the 1905 Revolution

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Background to the War

Both Russia and Japan wanted to expand into the decaying Chinese empire. 

The Japanese wanred land and resources for their gorwing empire and Russia wanted more ports and coastline.

In 1898 The Chinese granted the Russians a 25-year lease of the Liaodong Peninsula. This meant they could extent the Trans-Siberian railway southwards towards Port Arthur, an ice free port. 

-The Japanese had briefly held Port Arthur in 1895 and so regarded it as theirs. War broke out in 1904 when the Japanese attacked Port Arthur and tried to drive the Russians out. 

Reasons why Japan went to war with Russia

Industrialists and traders saw potential in the Far East. 

Having control of the Pacific Coast offered sercurity.

Calvary's and Admirals were keen to show off their skills and win glory

Nicholas disliked the Japanese and believed that Russia could save them from the 'yellow peril' which was a common thought between many Russians.

Russia was having a depression because of all the strikes and uprisings, they thought that maybe a war would bring everyone together again.

The Minister of Internal Affairs believed that a short swift defeat would stop…


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