The truth about vitamins

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  • Vitamins are chemicals that occur naturally in food
  • Our bodies cannot produce vitamins
  • Scientists discovered that some diseases and death were due to a lack of vitamans and that deficiencies could be irradicated
  • Vitaman A is found in liver, dairy products and fish. Prevents blindness and growth deformaties
  • Vitamin C ended scurvy
  • Vitamin D in fish could prevent ricketts.
  • Governent came up with RDA as all vitamins can be found in a healthy balanced diet
  • Some pregnant women need to take extra folic acid for the development of the baby
  • Linus Paulling won two nobel prizes for chemestry and peace
  • 1960's idea that vitamins could not only prevent diseses but should be taken in high doeses for optimal health
  • Britain spends more then 3 million a year on vitamins
  • Increase of vitamin c does have an effect once you have a cold and reduce the duration by 20% but DOES NOT prevent common colds. 


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