The Tollund Man

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Context - The Tollund Man is a response to the violence and killings in Northern Ireland in the 1970's. Heaney uses the battle of Jutland to draw parallels with the violence and murders.

Overview of Section 1 - The journey of the persona is that of a pilgrimage to Aarhus, a city in Denmark, to see the oldest preserved body in the whole of Denmark - The Tollund Man.

Language features of Section 1 - Simple lexis reflecting the Tollund Man's simple life -- Theme of admiration towards the body -- Religious imagery and lexis 'angelic' -- 'trove' showing valuability -- fertility presented with 'seeds' -- 'Aarhus' is used at the beginning and end of the section as a circular structure -- Contrast with 'Goddess' in stanza .

Overview of Section 2 - The mood changes dramatically as it is a reflection upn the brutal murders of 4 catholics. Heaney draws a comparison with this and…


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