The Tempest

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The tempest is considered the last play by Shakespeare’s Plays, the Tempest was written in 1610 and he died in 1616. The Tempest happens within a short space of time, it sticks to Aristoteles unites.

Miranda is of marriageable age and is severely lacking in knowledge. She is the product of Prospero’s teachings, this is perhaps why when Prospero is confronted with the Possibility of losing her he becomes defensive ‘Speak you not for him; he’s a traitor’. Expounding on this further, this could be Prospero’s  fear, he is apprehensive of the fact he will be unable to maintain power for ever. He, by losing Miranda will loose part of her state. However by taking a stand against Ferdinand’s advances it strengthens Ferdinand’s resolve to make a wife of Miranda, it is interesting to note that Ferdinand asks is she ‘be maid or no’. Therefore he is able to control their relationship and makes sure their fates are entwined. Prospero’s control and power extends over other character’s exemplar gratis Aerial is only accessed through the character by Prospero. Since the 19th century Ariel has been increasing played by women this changes the relationship, and often makes the role less acrobatic when it is performed.
Shakespeare also informs the audience of the Islands previous inhabitants, we learn of Sycorax
a ‘blue eyed hag’ ‘who with age and envy, was grown into a hoop’. We only hear about Sycorax from Prospero.  She was a witch like Prospero, but she is considerd outside of the society on the island and a person to be cursed. We learn that she Imprisoned Ariel ‘into a cloven pine’, for not obeying her “abhorr’d commands”. Again as now there is conflict between two magical people Ariel still is unable to do as he wishes but is a servant to Prospero. Ariel was enslaved for the same amount of time as Caliban, 12 years.
Prospero calls Caliban his “slave” however Ariel refers to Prospero as ‘Master’ Ariel throughout the play asks for his freedom it would be possible to make an analogy that they are both enslaved. Ariel performs tasks for Prospero for instance after the storm he spreads the crew across the island ‘dispersed them 'bout the isle.’ Although his tasks are greater than Caliban he still effectively takes the role of a servant.
Prospero however has a better relationship with ariel as it could be said he even teases ariel at some points ‘How now, moody?’ Were Prospero verbally abuses Caliban
‘abhorr’d slave’ ‘thou most lying slave’ ‘Thou poisonous slave’ by doing this he is able to maintain a greater amount of control over Caliban. Power is also shown through Prospero’s threats to rack Caliban ‘with old cramps’. Caliban therefore lives in Perpetual fear of Caliban. However Caliban was at first looked after by Prospero ‘in mine own cell’ however Caliban attempted to **** Miranda ‘Peoples else this isle with Calibans’ he now does menial tasks for them this is shown


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