The State and Cultural Change


The State and Cultural Change


  • Proletkult, proletarian art movement became national 1918-1920 
  • Proletkult merged with Commissarart of education in 1920, brought under state control 
  • Agitprop produced avant garde propaganda, beat the whites with the red wedge (1918)
  • Style of agitprop very experimental, Monument for the third international was designed to be tallest monument in the world, made up of different shapes that moved about
  • Revolutionary Cinema also flourished, Dziga Vertoz just filmed people working and living life, Kino Pravda (film truth) in 1918. documentaries


  • New group called social realist, created heroic portraits, dawn of the motherland
  • Novels had to have a plot ordinary people could follow, Fyodor Gladkovs 1924 novel cement tells of workers in cement factory 
  • Ballet became


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