The Spanish Tragedy - Summary

  • Opens with the ghost of Don Andrea who was recently killed in a war with portugal and he is accompanied by the personified 'revenge' 
  • Andrea's death is suspicious so King and Queen of hell send him to get revenge
  • It turns out that Balthazar, heir to the Portugeuse throne killed Andrea 
  • Horation (Andrea's bff) ensures they win the war and impresses King and Queen of spain by capturing Balthazar
  • Lorenzo tries to take credit for capturing Balthazar. He is given part of the reward because he is the King's uncle 
  • Lorenzo and Balthazar become friends
  • Subplot - 2 Portugese courtiers, one accuses the other of murdering Balthazar but we know he is free and alive 
  • When Horatio returns he pledges to serve Bel-Imperia. She determines to…


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