the Soldier.

- Written by Rupert Brooke. 

- About World War One in 1914. 

- What the Poems About. 

    -> Narrator talking abou dying in a foreign country during war. He says where he dies will be "for ever England". 

    -> Describes England as a mother who gave birth to him and raised him. 

    -> Believes that death will be comforting, and he will be able to give back to England. His thoughts and memories wont be lost. 

- Form. 

    -> Sonnet. Narrator's love is England. Elevates how strong is emotions are. 

    -> Appeals directly to the reader - voice is confident but becomes slightly more reflective in the second stanza. 

- Structure. 

    -> Ocatve presnts one idea of how England enriched his life. 

    -> Sestet presents another idea of how after his death…


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