The Social Impact of Industrial Change

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- Industrialisation helped improve economy it sparked changes which proved to be disastarous to the Tsarist regime.

- A new Urban working class and middle class were formed.

The Middle Class

- Which collar workers such as doctors, factory owners and teachers became more prominent in society. 

- Many played an important role in the Dumas and Zemstvas. 

- Because of a lack of national assembly they were often seen as oppositional rather than pillars of the community such as in other Western countries. 

Urban Growth and Conditions

-The urban population quadrupled.

-Factory workers made up three percent of the population.

-Most worked in appauling conditions and mortality rates were high.

-Some were housed in barrack style blocks while others shared rented rooms in over crowded blocks where they ate in communal canteens and shared bath houses. 

-The worst off had to sleep…


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