The social and economic condition of the Soviet Union by 1941

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Strengths and weaknesses
In a speech in February 1931, Stalin stated 'We have fallen behind the advanced countries by fifty to a hundred years. We must close that gap in 10 years. Either we do this or we will be crushed'

  • Stalin cannot have known that his prediction would have proved so accurate
  • The fear of foreign military intervention crushing the Soviet regime was a dominant motivation for Stalin

Industry and trade

The three Five-Year Plans had acheived an enormous and rapid expansion of productive capacity in materials, heavy industry and transport

  • In this respect, the 'gap' that Stalin spoke of had almost been closed
  • The fact that the Soviet Union was able to manufacture the majority of its armaments during war suggests a successful transformation of Soviet industry over the decade

The Third Five-Year Plan began to be increasingly geared and adapted towards war

  • Nove suggests that while machinery


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