The Shield of Aeneas

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Most of the scenes on the shield are incidents from Italin wars, all depicted with vivid evocation of the colours, textures and materials used in this imaginary work of art and the sounds evoked by it.

Around the outside of the circle are six scenes described in forty-one lines:

(i) The wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, who are to found the city in 753 BC.

(ii) The **** of the Sabine women as planned by Romulus and the subsequent war and reconciliation.

(iii) The punishment of Mettus Fufetius, dictator of Alba Longa, who will make a treaty with Tullus Hostilius, king of Rome 673 - 642 BC, and then desert him in battle.

(iv) Two famous scenes from the Etruscan…


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