The Secret Sauce to Attract a Book Publisher


I recently wrote and submitted a book proposal for a client of mine. Five of the agents I contacted were very interested in his manuscript, thinking they could successfully connect with an acquisitions editor at a major publishing house. While the manuscript is well written by and this guy is an expert in his field, he is an unpublished author who keeps a very low profile. So how did his chances of attracting a contract rise to the top of the pile?

The feedback from all five agents was consistent about the two proposal sections that make or break a publishing deal. I call them the “secret sauce” of attracting a contract.Whether you approach agents or attempt to approach publishers directly, if you have these two ingredients, you have a great shot at successfully attracting a lucrative book publishing contract—whether you are a well-known personality, a low-key industry expert, or “just Jane” who lives down the block. The “secret sauce” ingredients are:

Audience and Platform

You work hard on your manuscript. You check and double check your spelling and grammar. You edit and rewrite passages that aren’t quite right. You write a knock ‘em dead query letter to introduce the work to an agent to potentially represent you, and you prepare a professional book proposal to present your idea and position for the book.

Despite all…


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