2nd five year plan 1958-62

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2nd five year plan


  • Annoced in May 1958, at the 18th CCP congress.
  • New targets set for industrial growth and agriculturewas to be modernised.
  • Called this the great leap forward, Mao was impatient at the slow pace of the progress.
  • Mao wanted China tyo become a modern industrial power.



  • industrialisation depended on agriculture becoming more productive and efficient in order to feed the industrial workforce.
  • Debates with radicals and conservations about the best way forward.

Personal Levels:

  • Mao confidence was high.
  • Cadres were anxious to prove themselves.


  • Mao needed to demonstrate his credentials as the next lead of the communist world.


  •  Plan reliance on mass peasent mobilisation fitted with Mao's thinking.
  • The greatest degree of decentralisation


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