The second crusade (concise) 1147-49

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  • After the fall of Edessa to Zengi in 1144 news spread in the crusader states that the crusaders had lost an important city.
  • 1145 Pope Eugenius released the bull calling the knights to the west to imitate the first crusade and march on the holy land to help the latin east. Knights were eager to follow crusading legend like Bohemond and Godfrey.
  • Bernard of Claivaux gave speeches across Europe. Louis VII, king of France took the cross. Many knights followed this example (ran out of cloth crosses to pin to them).
  • Conrad III was moved to tears by speech, commited himself to march east.
  • He departed May 1147, went through Byzantine empire Conrad should have waited for Louis who was behind.
  • Instead he crossed the bosporus ahead of him went through anatolia and were attacked at Dorylaeum.Seljuk turks won.
  • Conrad and reamining troops retreated to Nicaea to await the French.
  • Louis and Conrad when united at Nicaea decided to march along the coaast this time.
  • Many attacks en route, its amazing the French army existed at all once they reached Adalia.
  • Louis decided crossing the


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