The Sack of Rome, 1527/The Council of Trent 1545

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Throughout the 1520s and 1530s Charles pursued the princes' request for a general council. He was convinced that reform of abuses in the Church would undermine suport for the Lutheran movement or atleast win the princes' support in enforcing the Edict of Worms

Pope Clement howver did not see a council as a way to tackle the Lutheran threat but instead viewed it as a threat to papal authority. His lack of co-operation was also to do with politics as he wanted to promote the independence of the Papal states

The Sack of Rome, 1527

  • In 1527 without Charles authority an imperial army sacked Rome 
  • Mercenaries were unpaid and thirsty to avenge the death of their commander
  • They took prisoners and demanded ransoms. Pope Clement himself fled to the papal fortress, a month later he was found and taken prisoner
  • The Sack of Rome was…


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