The Role, powers and structure of the executive and Ministerial Responsibility


The Role, Powers and structure of the Executive

  • Main roles of government is to develop policy, foreign policy, organise defence, manage finances, respond to crisis, controlling Law and Order, passing legislation, implementing and managing the state
  • The core executive is made up of the PM, Cabinet, advisors of cavinet, gov departments, senior civil servants, thibk tabks and a few senior officials
  • 4,000 people in gov
  • PM has perogative powers, for example Blair declaring war on Iraq
  • PM can also dismiss minister, for example dismissal of Priti Patel 
  • PM conducts foreign policy, Geneva summit, Theresa May in 2017 
  • Usually 20 -25 in cabinet 
  • Sometimes cabinet is consulted heavily, David Cameron 
  • Sometimes it isnt consulted at all, Tony Blair with the building of the O2
  • Cabinet usually set the government agenda, David Camerins austerity was decided


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