the role of education topic 5 AS

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socail solidarty 

  • Durkheim was the one who proposed this and it is that the school teachers us with the norms and values enabling us to functions to perform well withing society 
  • the things we learn in school will help us in the work force such as both in school and in the work force we haveto work with people we dont know 

specialist skill

  • the school teaches us specific skill that we would need in the work force for example punctuality and being at work on time

parsons meritocracy 

  • parson argues that the school does act like a system that mirrors the work force 
  • the paretnt teach us inequality ie different rules for different6 sexes but howere school teas indivudual hard work and equakluty judguing all equally just like the work force 
  • just like the school work hard and you will get a degree withing the work force you will get a job and the harder you will work will depent the grade you get

davis and moors rople allocation

  • this is to ensure that the best jobs…


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