The Road Mock Essay - English

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The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a post apocalyptic and dystopian novel which follows a man and a boy through their life surviving in what remains of the world. In this novel, the setting was central to my understanding of the writers purpose which is humanity and peoples will to live which makes society stable and normal. The setting helps show me this theme through the decay of the landscape, the breakdown of language and the breakdown of society as a whole.

In The Road we see the world they live in is a ghastly place and is barely what it used to be. We see that the land is no longer fertile and everything is still covered in ash and dust, "ashen scabland" is used to describe this place. The author has compared the land and setting metaphorically through the book. The setting can be seen as always grey and dying much like what a human body which is deceased would look like. The decay of the land doesnt only effect nature, countless times in the book the man and the boy look on delapedated or broken down structures of the society of the past. Another example of the land to the human body metaphorical comparison can be seen in the quote, "the ashes of the late world". This quotye describes it as if the world has passed away and the ashes are from its cremation. Just like what would happen to a human after death. Leading up to the death of a human we see each vital organ system and other parts of their bodies slowly begin to shut down as they die. McCarthy uses this i the deacy of the land with the corner stones of society such as laws, food, water, and infrastructure slowly decaying away and shutting down, as if they were organs in a dying body. This description of the setting helps me to understand the authors purpose about humanity and the breakdown of society.

Another key piece of the setting is the language used by the man and they boy throughout the novel. In the book speech is seen as  not an essential part of…


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