The Road Humanity - English

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Decay of Civilization

At first there were "people sitting on the sidewalk in the drawn half immolate and smoking their clothes... Others would come to help them." The moral compass of the society as a whole is still pretty similar to our current society. However remaining humane after the disaster has a shelf life. The author explains "within a year there were fires on the ridges and deranged chanting". The survivors turned to cannibalism making an already dangerous situation even more dangerous.

Lack of Charity

In the new world helping others is a thing of the past. After encountering a man who has been struck by lightning, the boy begs his father to help but the fathers knows he will die from his injuries and is unwilling to sacrafice food and water to the stranger. The same thing happens when the boy and man stumble upon a basement with live human being kept by cannibals. The…


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