The Rivals

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- Set in Bath:Thomas (Sir Anthony Ansolute's worker) and Fag (Jack, Sir Absolutes son's worker) meet & Fag explains to Thomas that he now works for an Ensign Beverley, later revealing to Thomas that this is actallu just Jack, who has desguised himself  to woo a young woman by the name of Lydia Languish, whoes idea of romance is being pursued by a low ranked, penniless ensign. Fag reveals all is going well, except for 'the old tough aunt' who keeps getting in the way. Thomas enquires about the social life in Bath, which seems to have a lot going on - pupmp rooms, cards, billards, but nothing after 11 o'clock, which Fag regretfully reveals. Fag tells Thomas anxiously that wigs aren't in fashion here, but men wear their own hair and put aside their wigs. Thomas is a man of habit and says he'll wear his wig. The men see Jack Absolute in conversation wit Lucy, Lydia's maid, and leave the scene. 

Scene 2

- Lydia is sitting reading, wondering which books on her long list Lucy has been able to get hold of. She's been successful, though some books weren't aceptable for her mistress to read as they had been mistreated by previous borrowers. The larger books are too heavy to interest Lydia, but have use to flattern her lace. Lydia's cousin Julia is shown in (ward of Sir Anthony. Lydia reveals all to her: her affair was discovered by her aunt when she








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