The renaissance : anatomy

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People began to question the churches and past knowledge, they started to think for themselves.

  • Surgery and anatomy begins to develop vecause 3D art and more accurate images were created, meaning peoplecould develp their undertsanding of the human anatomy.

Versalius (anatomy)

  • Studied anatomy. He became professor of surgery and anatomy at Padua.
  • He allowed dissections to take place.
  • He did his own dissections and produced accurate and detailed illurstraitions of his findings. His most famous was on, 'The fabric of the human body'.  In 1543.
  • He was able to point out some of Galens mistakes. Versalius said there are no holes in the septumof the heart and the jaw bone is not made up of two bones.
  • Versalius encouraged doctors to dissect and…


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