The Psychodynamic Approach

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Freud's theory of psychoanalysis:

He believed the mind actively prevents traumatic memories form the unconscious from reaching the conscious awareness. Such memories may cause anxiety and therefore Defence mechanisms are put in place.

Defence mechanisms:

If an individual is presented with a situation they're unable to deal with their defence mechanisms may be triggered to prevent anxiety by opereating unconsiously to distort reality. This stops the individual from becoming aware of any unpleasant thoughts or feelings associated with the traumatic event.


  • Repression: Unconscious blocking of unpleasant thoughts, the individual may have no recollection of certain events but still suffer the consequences.
  • Denial: Refusal of the occurance of traumatic events, acting like the event never happend.
  • Desplacement: Rediracting thoughts or feelings onto something or someone else seperate from the cause of the issue, Because their unable to address the cause of the issue with the same thoughts or feelings. e,g getting angry with your girlfreind because your boss fired you.

Structure of the personality:

Freud Structured the mind into the Id, ego and superego


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