The President

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Two Presidencies= "the power of President in foreign affairs has received such striking demonstration in the era of the Cold War that it has seemed some observers that there are in effect, two presidencies. Presidents who have been thwarted or defeated by Congress in their domestic programmes have succeeded time and time again in persuading congress to actquiesce in their foreign policy"

a "Domestic President" and a "Foreign Policy President"


1. The constitution divided domestic policy between Ex. and Leg. far more clearly than FP powers

2. Members of Congress will care (be concerned) more about DP as re-election often depends on it

3. Successful modern FP is by its very nature difficult in a Congress numbering 535

Domestic Policy Powers 

Legislative powers

Although Founding Fathers interested in the "Separation of Powers" the President could now be called 'Chief Legislator' as powers have increased

1. Proposing Legislation= state of the Union Address- agenda setting exercise, Presidents can enlist help of friends in Congress to introduce legislation

2. Veto= veto legislation- veto, pocket veto…


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