The Political Nation and the structure of goverment

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The Political Nation is the part of any nation that is able to exercise political power

  • In Stuart Britain, this meant those who owned land and some merchants
  • The majority of the population were poor labourers who had no political power
  • Only 1 in 200 of the adult male population was a member of the Political Nation

The structure of government
England had no written constitution, therefore, the political system was blurred and there was often debate over the powers of Parliament and royal prerogative

  • Royal prerogative is the King's power to act on his own authority, without approval from Parliament
  • Parliament and the King did not always agree about what powers were included in royal prerogative

The King

  • Undisputed head of government and accountable only to God (divine right)
  • Royal prerogative covered: foreign diplomacy, declaration of war,


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