the poem exposure

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grade 6-7 answer

Q) How does Owen explore feelings of the soliders in 'Exposure'?

Firstly,Owen uses a metaphor to express the soliders feelings of hoplessness during war. For example 'shutters and doors all closed;on us the doors are closed' implies the soliders imagine returing home, but the doors are closed, they arent welcomed back. However the soliders believe sacraficing thmselves to keep their loved ones safe. This quotes suggests that the soliders are hopless and homesick.They think they'll die, so they'll sacrafice them selves for their loved ones.

Secondly,Owen used religous imagery to express the soliders feelings during War.For example 'for love of god seems dying' implies that their hope,faith in God is fading away, theres no more hope as this war doesnt see to end.The Verb 'Dying' creates an image of murder as it is an unpleasent thing. In this matter…


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