The Peace Treaties of 1919-1923

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The Peace Treaties of 1919-1923

The Treaty of Versailles

At the Paris Peace Conference the Big Three wanted different things.

Georges Clemenceau:

.Large amounts of reparations from Germany (Big parts of France had been destroyed by German bombs)

.Demilitarisation of the Rhineland

.Loss of land for Germany

 David Lloyd George:

.Germany to lose their overseas colonies

.Germany to lose their naval power

.Reparations for Britain

.Continue trading with Germany

Woodrow Wilson

.Not be too harsh on Germany

.League of Nations to be established

Terms of The Treaty of Versailles

. Alsace and Lorraine to France

.Germany lost areas of Africa such as Togoland, Cameroon and German South West Africa

.100,000 men in the army

.15,000 men in the navy

.Demilitarise the Rhineland

.No airforce

.Six battleships


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