The Peace of Passau, 1552/The Peace of Augsburg, 155

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The Peace of Passau, 1552

  • The Frech invasion presented Charles with the dilemma of conflicting priorities. He decided to focus on evicting the French and reluctantly allowed his brother Ferdinand to negotiate a peace with Maurice.
  • The Peace of Passau guaranteed Lutherans the right of Worship and released phillip of Hesse from prison
  • The Peace became permanent in 1555

The Peace of Augsburg, 1555

  • Ferdinand was a realist. He recognised as Charles had not that the emperor relied on and needed the princes co-operation. Therefore the princes liberties and privileges had to be resected 
  • He also realised that the Protestants would never return to the Catholic faith, the differences were irreconcilable.
  • The problem Ferdinand faced was that he had very little room for manoeuvre; he had to deliver whatever the princes wanted since he needed their help to restore order…


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