The October Manifesto and promise of reform

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The reasons for the October Manifesto

-17th October 1905, Nicholas issued a decree promising constitutional reform.

-Its details were drawn up by Witte.

-A number of factors lay behind it.

Long Term

-The autocracy hadn't modernised along with the economy.

-The poor working and living conditions the workers had to live in which was causing discontent.

-The peasants still had poor living conditions, were indebted because of redemption payments, were constantly discriminated against, were highly taxed and lacked land.

-Grievences of the ethnic minorities who had never been fully assimilated and were subject to Russification.

-The resentment of the middle class as they had been given a taste of power in the Zemstva but were still denied a national assembly.

-The despair of students and intellectuals because Russia wouldn't modernise which would ensure a better future for all.

Short Term

-The feelings of humiliation, disruption of the economy and helplessness of the Russians after the Russo-Japanese war.

-The economic depression and bad…


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