The 'New Man'

The 'New Man'

Marriage becoming mroe equal-egalitarian

Households were patriarchal, e.g. man was in power

Men and women sharing tradional roles - 'a march of progress'

New Man - man shares the domestic labour more equally, in touch with feminine side and emotions, treats women as equals, cares more about his appearence than is traditional

Dual burden - when a person is responsible for two jobs, e.g. a paid role and domestic labour

Triple shift - when a person is responsible for three jobs, e.g. paid work + housework + emotional support = triple shift

Gender Script - what the man/women should do

Edgell 1980

  • very important decisions made by men, e.g. finances, moving house
  • important decisions made jointly and seldom women alone, e.g. children's education
  • unimportant decisions made by women, e.g. home decor, food…


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