The Nervous System - Biopsychology

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Biopsychology - The Nervous System

Biopsychology: A branch of psychology that analyses how the brain and neurotransmitters influence our behaviours and feelings

The Nervous System: As the body’s internal communication system it collects, processes and responds to information from the environment. Also co-ordinates the workings of different organs and cells within the body.

The CNS - responsible for life functions & psychological process

  • The Brain:

  • Monitors and regulates bodily processes

  • Receives information from sensory receptors and sends message to muscles and glands via the spinal cord.

  • The Spinal Cord:

  • A bundle of nerve fibres in the spinal column and connects to all parts of the body

  • Relays information between the brain to the peripheral NS

  • Contains a circuit of nerve cells which allows us to perform simple reflexes without using the brain - responsible for reflex actions

Four Lobes of the


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