The nervous system

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Types of neurons

  • Sensory neurons: carry messages from the peripheral nervous system to the brain and spinal cord, for example, smelling food or putting your hand on something hot
  • Motor neurons: carry messages away from the brain and spinal cord (CNS) and to muscles and organs
  • Connector/relay neurons: only found in the visual system, brain and spinal cord; receive messages from sensory neurons and pass messages to motor neurons

Parts of the neuron

  • Cell body
  • Dendrites: receive messages from other cells
  • Axon: passes messages away from the cell body to other neurons, muscles or glands
  • Action potential: electrical signal traveling down the axon
  • Myelin sheath: covers the axon of some neurons and helps speed neural impulses
  • Terminal buttons: form junctions with other cells

Synaptic transmission

  • Electrical


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