The Nervous System

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Cells need oxygen to make adj phosphate. 

Cells cannot support themselves it has to have all of the nutrients from being in that water or fluid. 
Cardiovasuclar system carries oxy to our cells.
The reason our cheeks get red is because our cells allowing us to release heat. 

Cells are important for cell survival.
Acid (ph low)
Alk (ph high)
If too acidic neurons cant release messages, if too low sending uncontrolled messages. 
Ph levels need to mbe maintained between 6.8-8. 

Our kidneys also contribute, the nervous systems there are several types (focus on blue or yellow)

The CNS is the blue. 
The peripheral nervous system (PNS)  are in yellow. We have the somatic NS and the automatic NS. 

Somatic NS (SNS) Somato- means touch
It's a voluntary system we have control over it normally (unless it's a reflex)
Sense of touch comes through the dorsal roots it goe sup to the brain and comes back down through the ventral roots to promote muscle movement. Dorsal roots are shown in red. 

If you have motor neuron disease or ALS you have damaged ventral roots. If you're interested in studying motor neuron disease please contact the head of the study Alan Cheung.

Lobes of the cerebrum
You'll learn more about hem in the neuro anatomy pracs
Briefly the PFC: exec funtcioning
pareital: sensory input
Occipital sight
temporal; auditory sense, memory and emotion. 
What is the central sulcus?

Automatic NS (ANS)
sympath: thorasic and lumbar spine

Para: they differ in how the nerves meet they're joined together by a ganglion. 
* different lengths of nerves 
* they're…


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