The music industry


Venues and live performance.

small and medium local venues

- pubs- a small venue for performances by local bands/singers/karoke

- nightclub- a medium sized venue for djs/ vocalists to perform 

- school- an educational establishment where students put on performances such as musicals, plays and concerts 

-theatre - a venue for musicals/ dramatic performances 

large multi-space venues

-arena - a large indoor venue usually where big musical acts perform

-stadium- a sports ground with tierd seeting, usually for multiple acts

-outdoor space - a field or large grass area, used for festivals so people can camp out.

-oprea house- a theatre designed for the performance of oprea, big oprea companies

Health and safety at venues.

audience safety 

- equitpment needs to be taped town so no one falls over it, including cables

- fire exits must be visable, number of fire exits to ratio the audience number

- secrurity such as bouncers to guard the dooor to send away unsuitable customers

- access to clean facilities, water and toilets must be provided

-lighting, clearly mark obstecals so no one falls

-no smoking, signs need to be placed around the venue

 - strobe lighting, if used in a performance it must be identified

employee safety

-toilet and wash facilities

-drinking water, free from contamination

-meal breaks, with a suitable seating area

-ear protectors, must be provided if a dp level in a certain higher level

-smokers, it is against the law to smoke on public areas and…


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