The Manhunt

  • Context
    -> addresses common issues of war on soldier’s bodies and minds.
    -> about PTSD.
  • What the poems about
    -> wife of a soldier to know her husband again who has returned home injured from war.
    -> soldier has physical scars and psychological scars.
  • Form
    -> couplet-long stanzas have lines of varying lengths.
    -> couplets rhyme but later on the rhymes break down, making the poem feel disjointed and reflecting the theme of brokeness.
  • Structure
    -> different injuries on different couplets.
    -> allows the reader to explore the soldiers body and mind in the same slow process as his wife.
  • Language about the body.
    -> soldiers body is presented using adjectives that describe damage.
    -> paired with metaphors that suggest that his body has become a…


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