The main features of the Buddhist path: the Bodhisattva Path

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Like the Eightfold Path, the bodhisattva path includes the Three Higher Trainings of moral discipline, meditation and wisdom

  • The first four paramitas fall under discipline, the fifth is meditation and the last five relate to wisdom
  • The main difference between the Eightfold Path and the bodhisattva path is the motivation of bodhichitta and the understanding that even virtuous actions are ultimately 'empty' of inherent existence

Generating the motivation of bodhichitta in itself is a tremendous achievement which requires great merit and wisdom

  • Mahayana practitioners usually take a formal 'bodhisattva vow' to mark their conscious commitment to the bodhisattva path, which is taken in the presence of a Mahayana master 
  • In contrast to monastic vows, which are taken only for the duration of the present life, the bodhisttva vow is taken with aspiration that one will follow it throughout present and future lives


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