The Lac Operon

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The Lac Operon - 

  • Based around lactose
  • Allows a specific gene to be switched on or off (expressed or not expressed)
  • Induction = being able to turn an enzyme on and off 
  • Lactose = inducer molecule
    • Disae molecule consists of galactose and glucose
  • This process is also found in E-coli
  • Transcription - being able to read the gene sent by mRNA
  • Translation - changing information found in the gene and putting it in the form of an amino acid
  • Transcription + Translation = Expression of a gene

The Lac Operon Contains...

1. I site - this is the regulatory gene and it makes the repressor proteins required. This gene is never switched off

2. P site - This is the promoter region. RNA polymerase…


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