The Korean War

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  • The Korean War started on the 25th of June in 1950 and ended in July 1953
  • After World War 2, Korea was freed from Japan's control 
  • IN 1948, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel leaving capitalist south led by Syngman Rhee and a communist north led by Kim Il-Sung
  • The Soviets were occupying the north and then left in 1948 and the USA left the south a year later
  • The North of Korea attacked the South on June 25th 1950
  • The North's troops consisting of 75,000 successfully captured the capital of the south, Seoul.
  • The troops occupied the whole of the South except for Pusan
  • This was an issue for Truman- as he didn't want communism to spread and if Korea was to fall to communism it would create a 'domino effect'
  • South Korea appealed for support and the US pushed a resolution through the United Nation Security Council
  • The USSR didn’t use it’s veto powers as it was boycotting due to the new communist China not being accepted
  • Instead of a Communist Chinese representative, representing China was the pro-U.S Chinese Nationalist government of Taiwan
  • An appeal was made by the Security Council for North Korea to withdraw its troops but was ignored
  • This resulted


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