The Impact of Policy on Childhood



- Direct policies: policies aimed at changing the lives of children, e.g the Children's Act.

- Indirect policies: policies that may not have intended to impact on children but have changed their experiences, e.g austerity policies were intended to repay national debt but have disproportionately impacted on children, for instance there are 4 million children in poverty.

Changes to Childhood

- Children are dependent on adults for longer.

- Childhood is disappearing.

- Society has become more child-centred.

- Different experiences of childhood.

Children are Dependent on Adults for Longer

- Cuts to student grants and introduction of tuition feeds means that more students are going to local universities and staying at home.

- Changes to employment laws, the creation of the zero-hour contract and temporary contracts has increased the volume of boomerang children.

- Extension…


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