The impact of defeat in the battle of Manzikert

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Alp Arslan, the leader of the Seljuk Turks, launched raids into Asia Minor to drive a wedge between Egypt and Byzantium, he wanted to do this because he was concerned that the Byzantines had been forging closer links with the Egyptians in recent years, and an alliance between these two powers could push the Turks out of the region. this is partly the reason turks launched raids in Asia Minor. 

In 1071, Romanus, the byzantine emperor led an army to fight against the Turks because he wanted to protect his empire from the persistent raids of the Turks. 

Romanus, headed to Armenia in attempt to stop the Turkish raids. However,  near to Manzikert, to his suprise, he did not clash with isolated Turkish war bands, as he had expected but instead was up against the main army of Alp Arslan, which was travelling through the area on its way South to fight the Fatimids of Egypt. 

During this battle, Romanus faced gaps within his army. This was because the Norman mercenaries refused to return to aid and there were many Turkish mercenaries that were fuelled with blood-ties but also they were unpaid, and so they decided to join the forces of Alp Arslan. This was one of the reason for defeat. 

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