The ideal daughter translation

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Gaius Pliny sends his greetings to his friend Aefulanus Marcellinus.
I am very upset as I write this to you. The younger daughter of our friend Fundanus has died. I have never seen anything more agreeable, more pleasant and more worthy of not only a longer life but also of virtual immortality than this girl. She had not yet completed 14 years, and yet she had the wisdom of an old woman, the authority befitting a married woman, yet a girlish sweetness along with a maidenly modesty. How she used to cling to her father’s neck! How she used to embrace us, her father’s friends, both livingly and modestly! How she used to love her nurses, her tutors and her teachers, each according to their duties! How keen and how intelligent was she when reading! How moderate and how careful was when playing! With what self-control, with what patience and with what perseverance too did she bear…


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