The History Boys


Act I Scene I (THB)

A short scene,which gives both foreknowledge and curiosity to the audience. We intrude on a meeting between Irwin (in a wheelchair) and Four MP 's.The theme of education is highly prominent, for “back to school” hints at a need to educate the government, in charge of education.

Act I Scene II (THB)

We’re introduced to the boys and Hector, in a french scene intended to alienate and show the boys knowledge. It foreshadows the lack of professionalism amongst the teacher/student relationship.

Act I Scene III (THB)

Hector offers congratulations to the boys (and Rudge as an “afterthought”) at receiving their A Levels - “those longed for emblems of your conformity” which hints at Hector’s own feelings in regards to the education system. The scene reveals Hector’s character more as well as the relationship towards the boys. Hector is appalled at Timm’s use of the noun “nancy” and “hits him” ; as a playful parody of physical abuse. He shares his views on Oxbridge and it finishes with a quoted scene from _ .We then hear the boy’s adoration of their teacher, hitting an emblem of acceptance and Timm's breaking the fourth wall.

Act I Scene IV (THB)

The Headmaster dominates the first half of the scene and we got a sense of arrogance, at which we dislike the character. The The education “remarkable”, thanks to Dorothy (who the Headmaster condescends)  is said to need “presentation”, in orderush the school up the “league tables” which seems to be all the Head cares about! Thas the Head leaves, the atmosphere changes to where the teachers had studied: Hector having mistaken “learning with the smell of cold stone” and Lintott using satyr against “Durham - where I had my first pizza” but coming back to the Head’s choices earlier in the scene and how he must be obeyed.

Act I Scene V (THB)

Scripps narrates the entrance of Irwin into the school, and we automatically recognise the lack of respect he has for “Felix” who is meant to be a man of authority. Iwin is brought in, to educate the boys to pass the Oxbridge tests, and the Head remarks on the “vacancy in history”, essentially bribing irwin to receive good results . The Head , at the end of the scene, remarks on Hector’s commitment being “not curriculum directed at all,'' indicating a dislike to one of his colleagues and a lack of professionalism.

Act I Scene VI (THB)

General Studies commences in French, once again intended for the boys to show off their knowledge and alienate the audience.Hector asks Dakin to respond to the question, after Sripps gives an unsatisfactory answer. They then proceed to dramatise Dakins answer: “a brothel” with Dakin as the customer , without his trousers. This shows Dakin to be happy and comfortable to be “sans” trousers , and the trust between Hector and the boys, as well as showing Dakin’s self confidence. The head walks in,


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