The Growth of Opposition to Tsarist Rule

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Paper 1 : Autocracy and Revolt in Russia : 1881 - 1914

The growth of opposition to Tsarist rule

  • Emergence of opposition groups including the Constitutional Democrats (Cadets), Octobrists, Social Revolutionary Party and Social Democrats.
    • Octobrists 
      • Conservative group who supported the October Manifesto
      • 1913, led by Guchkov 
      • The Tsar's loyal supporters
      • They thought that he had gone too far in removing the Duma's rights.
      • They warned the Tsar that a catastrophe would occur if the government was not respected.
    • Constitutional Democrats (Cadets)
      • Liberal group in the Duma
      • Led by Milyukov
      • Represented middle class professions and businessmen.
      • They wanted a constitutional monarchy
    • Social Democrats
      • In 1903, they split into Mensheviks and Bolsheviks
      • Mensheviks (Men of minority) led by Martov


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