Daisy is presented as charming yet hollow essay


Daisy is presented as charming yet hollow. How far do you agree?

  • Nick claims that he is "inclined to reserve all judgements"- spends the majority of the book judging other characters and situations
  • Introduced to Daisy in chapter 1, she is Nick's "second cousin once removed"
  • page 8, he describes her as "sad and lovely"- juxtapositon of adjectives shows how confliced Nick feels about her- her charm is a weak facade
  • "lovely" makes her sound infantilised- could be why some people think she's "hollow"- presents her as a victim of the period she lives in
  • 1920's women treated like children by men- expected to obey their husbands and not think for themselves
  • "lovely" also shows objectification of women- expected to care about appearence/look beautiful in their husbands arms- MORE RESEARCH NEEDED TO BE GIVEN
  • "hollow" as not having connotations with empty- ARGUMENT NEEDED TO BE CLARIFIED- evidence in book that she isn't as empty as people imply she is
  • "Tom was God knows where. I woke up out of the ether with an utterly abandoned feeling"
  • "woke up out of the ether"- nothingness felt before having a child dissapated
  • if was "hollow"- not necessarily be able to feel "utterly abandoned"- feeling (despite negativity) gives her substance+ makes her more human
  • main reason= her respnse to being


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